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Orange Beach Family Photography

Allow celebrated natural light photographer Shannon Frazier and her experienced team at Orange Beach Family Photography to capture the memories of your next beach vacation through their amazing family beach photography. Family beach photography sessions are fun, easy, and a great way to remember your trip to the beach with friends and family for years to come. Orange Beach Family Photography's family beach portrait photography sessions are available year round and feature the spectacular beaches of Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and Alabama's Gulf State Park.

Orange Beach Family Photography's top rated Orange Beach family beach photography sessions are flexible, fun, and full of possibilities. Orange Beach Family Photography offers a variety of session options so you can choose the family beach photography session that fits your family best. Sunrise and Sunset Family Beach Photography sessions often feature the softest light of the day and are the most comprehensive family beach photography sessions we offer. Great any time of year and for any sized family, our sunrise and sunset sessions are our most popular choice for vacationing families who prefer the most optimal conditions. In addition to traditional sunset and sunrise sessions, our discounted Sunglass Family Beach Photography and Family Beach Photography "Mini" Sessions are offered at slightly off peak times of day. Fast, fun, and easy Sunglass and Mini family beach photography sessions are great for families who are looking for a few cherished photos of their latest family beach experience. Discounted for their short duration and off peak times, these sessions are best for groups of ten or fewer with cooperative members who have good mobility.

No matter the Orange Beach family photography session chosen your group will be photographed on location along the beautiful beaches and natural areas of Orange Beach, Gulf Shores and the Gulf State Park Pier. Choose to join your Orange Beach photographer at one of his or her recommended family beach photography hot spots or ask to have your Gulf Shores or Orange Beach photographer meet your family at your vacation home or condo. Orange Beach Family Photography's Gulf Shores photographers enjoy the natural sea oat covered dunes and beautiful beaches of the beautiful Gulf State Park Pier and Gulf State Park Pavilion and consider them our most preferred family beach photography locations. Orange Beach photographers often shoot at picturesque locations in Orange Beach such as Alabama and Florida Points as well as the Gulf State Park Pier.

During a typical Orange Beach Family Beach Photography Session our Orange Beach photography team member will take several hundred total photos. Each photograph taken is done so in a format called "RAW". According to Adobe, the maker of top grade professional editing software Lightroom and Photoshop, "a RAW file is lossless, meaning it captures uncompressed data from your camera sensor. Sometimes referred to as a digital negative, you can think of a RAW file as the raw “ingredients” of a photo that will need to be processed in order to bring out the picture’s full potential. Most professional photographers shoot in RAW because it gives them more information to work with in the post-processing phase." The Orange Beach Family Photographers team believe the advantage of shooting in RAW is we get the opportunity to access the most information possible in order create the best possible images for our clients. And when you are in areas as beautiful as the the Alabama Gulf Coast we want all of that gorgeous data we can have.

​​We enhance each photo by adjusting standard professional elements such as color, contrast, and highlights. Whenever possible, we eliminate unwanted background objects such as poles, debris, and even people. We also work to reduce or remove hair fly-aways, remove flash bulbs from glasses, lessen obvious pimples and blemishes, reduce shine, reduce perspiration and water spots. Finally, we hand-pick certain images and often add special artistic touches to chosen poses such as black and white, sepia, watercolor, and other special effects. While we attempt to get the photos edited and into your gallery as quickly as possible, the process often takes up to two weeks to be completed.

Once your photos are ready for you to enjoy we will send you an email with a link to your photo gallery. From your password protected gallery you can share your photos with friends and family, post directly to Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest, download your images to your computer, and even purchase prints from our professional lab at half price. Family photography clients should expect their gallery to be viewable in less than two weeks of their session date.


Can't wait to learn more? Book your family beach photography session securely online or call to book your personalized Orange Beach Family Photography session with one of our experienced Orange Beach or Gulf Shores Photographers at 251-979-2492.

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