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Why choose an Estes Park Family Photographers Mini Session?

  • Professional Photography Session For Only $325

  • Great For Up To 10 People

  • Flexible Family Photography Session Times

  • Professional Editing and Retouching Included

  • Private Online Viewing Gallery

  • Scripted Poses & Candid Shots Included 

  • Includes 12 Edited Digital Images

  • Fun & Fast Family Photography Session

  • Multiple Beautiful Backgrounds Included

  • Receive 1/2 Priced Prints From Our Top Rated Lab


Classic Mountain Family Photography "Mini" Session

Are you looking for a few mountain vacation photography photos of your family at a price that will not break the bank or take up your entire day? If you answered yes then look no further! Our Classic Mountain Family Photography Mini Sessions are quick, easy, and affordable. These abbreviated, slightly off peak sessions feature the same beautiful Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park locations and classic styles as our comprehensive Classic Mountain Vacation Family Photography sessions but do so at a fraction of the time and cost.

Mini sessions start with a quick meet and greet and about a 15-25 minute ride through beautiful scenery to get to our preferred session destination. Once we are on site most families will spend about 15-20 minutes in front of the camera. Mini sessions feature multiple poses and backgrounds in a single beautiful mountain location. Classic Mountain Family Photography Mini Sessions include 12 edited digital and are considered best for groups of 10 or fewer and families with cooperative children and family members with with good mobility. Mini Sessions can be photographed during much of the day but are most commonly photographed just before and just after the peak light of our morning and evening Classic Mountain Family Photography Sessions.

Our Estes Park family photographers will take over a hundred photos of your group during your Classic Mountain Family Photography Mini Session. Once your Mini Session is done and you go back to your relaxing vacation vibe the real work begins for the team at Estes Park Family Photographers. We begin by importing all of the raw photos taken and begin the painstaking process of selecting the best of the best to undergo cropping, retouching, and editing. Our editing process is a labor of love. We take the time to touch each and every raw photo to ensure we deliver the best quality photographs. 

​We enhance each photo by adjusting standard professional elements such as color, contrast, and highlights. Whenever possible, we eliminate unwanted background objects such as poles, debris, and even people. We also work to reduce or remove hair fly-aways, remove flash bulbs from glasses, and lessen obvious pimples and blemishes. While we attempt to get the photos edited and into your gallery as quickly as possible, the process can sometimes take up to two weeks to be completed.

Once your photos are ready for you to enjoy we will send you an email with a link to your photo gallery. From your password protected gallery you can share your photos with friends and family, post directly to Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest, download your images to your computer, and even purchase prints from our professional lab at half price. Family photography clients should expect their gallery to be viewable in less than two weeks of their session date.

​For more information or to reserve your Mini Classic Mountain Vacation Family Photography Session date and time please call one of our Estes Park photographers at 251-979-2492 today!


"Mini" Classic Family Photography

Session Special Package $325 plus tax

(Session Fee & Digital Images Included)

1-10 Persons, Multiple Poses & Backgrounds,

15-20 Minute Session (30-45 Minutes Including Travel),

1/2 Priced Prints From Our Professional Lab,

12 Edited Digital Images, Private Online Gallery,

Estes Park or Rocky Mountain National Park Locations

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