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Why choose Estes Park Family Photographers?

  • Rates From Only $145

  • Experienced Estes Park Photographers

  • Family Photography is Our Specialty

  • Professional Editing Included

  • Private Online Viewing Gallery

  • Huge Mountain Photography Selection

  • Digital Images & Prints Available

  • Family Owned & Operated

  • Multiple Location Options

  • 1/2 Priced Prints For All Digital Clients

Frequently Asked Questions


Is an experienced photographer really that important when choosing a professional Estes Park or Rocky Mountain National Park photographer?


Experience absolutely matters when choosing a professional photographer especially when it comes to the ever changing light conditions found at the beach and in the mountains. Not only will highly skilled photographer with a resume of thousands of professional sessions save you time by knowing how to quickly align your group and what light angles to pursue but you will also get better, more dynamic photos. Shannon and her team have taken hundreds of thousands of professional photographs over the past two decades with most of that coming in natural light conditions. Outdoor or natural light photography requires an even more experienced photographer due to the ever changing light, temperature, and humidity conditions. Shannon's team of Estes Park Photographers are sanctioned by the town of Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park too. Gulf Shores Family Photography accommodates hundreds of local and visiting families each year and are always adding new skills to their trade to be the best photographers they can be. Gulf Shores Family Photography values community and supports local small businesses by holding key partnerships with local businesses such Fins & Family Fishing Charters. 

Do your photographers live and work in Gulf Shores & Orange Beach year round?


All of our Gulf Shores & Orange Beach photographers live and work locally unlike some photographers who are visitors themselves and just try to pretend they are locals for the summer busy season. Living at the beach offers an ever changing photography landscape where our photographers thrive meeting new people and greeting returning clients like part of the family. Our beach photographers may have to walk to work a bit, but we think the beach isn't a bad office alternative (and who can beat that beach view?). 

What makes us the best choice for your family?

In addition to years of experience and a combined total of thousands of clients, our professional team of family beach photographers only uses the highest quality professional equipment. Each of our Gulf Shores photographers are armed with top of the line Nikon/Canon cameras and external fill-flash. We take natural light into careful consideration during each session and prefer to use fill flash when necessary for optimal illumination of subjects.


We take great care using metering techniques in Manual mode (never any camera automated presets) to achieve the desired effects on each RAW image. Our images are only shot as RAW files in order to keep as much information as possible so we can deliver high quality edited images for you. This style allows you to be able to print and enjoy your pictures in a greater variety of sizes without having to worry about grainy noise ruining that perfect shot.


We use Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop to help enhance your photographs. Once your photographs have been uploaded into our professional editing software, we review each one to select the best of the best. This includes poses you may have requested, candid shots, and formal family poses. After we carefully select those keeper shots, we pour our hearts into crafting the perfect edited photographs your family is sure to love. 

How should we prepare for our beach photography session?

This is one of the questions we receive most frequently. To help your family fully prepare for your next beach photography session, our experienced Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Family Photographers have compiled a do's and don'ts checklist:



-Coordinate your group's outfits

Choose a color scheme that works well for your group. Solid colors such as white are easiest to coordinate as many people have a solid item of clothing already in their wardrobes. Blue and green hues are very popular. Due to brighter outdoor lighting, we typically recommend staying away from bright tones such as orange and red to avoid the sun casting a tinted reflection on others in your party. Prints are welcome to add dimension and texture to your pictures, however the patterns can potentially limit our editing ability if the article of clothing becomes stained or sweaty.

-Wear something comfortable

No one wants to be or appear uncomfortable during their photo session. Plan ahead by ensuring you are comfortable in a flattering outfit that eliminates exposed bra straps or panty lines. 

-Leave all unnecessary items in the car

We will move around a good bit during our time together on the beach so leave behind any extraneous items such as strollers, purses/diaper bags, drinks, sunglasses, etc.

-Allow plenty of time for naps 

If you have young children, we suggest building in time to let them nap during the day. Having well rested, happy children gives you the best opportunity for their cooperation during your family's session. 

-Bring back-up hair accessories

There is always a breeze at the beach, so come prepared with any accessories such as bobby pins, clips, or headbands to tame windblown hair.

-Plan to arrive early

When coordinating children or large parties, we recommend leaving your house/condo five minutes earlier than necessary to give yourselves plenty of time to park and arrive on time for your session. If you arrive considerably early, you are encouraged to stay in the car and soak up the A/C as long as possible until just a few minutes before your session. 

-Wear goggles in the pool

Chemicals in the swimming pools or irritants in the Gulf of Mexico can cause dry, watery, bloodshot eyes if you open them underwater. Remain mindful of this by wearing protective swimming goggles if you choose to swim with your eyes open.

-Tide To-Go is your best friend!

If your crew is prone to messes and spills, stain removing sticks can be a life-saver. It never hurts to slip one in your pocket just in case you or your little ones don't have a back-up photo outfit

-Wear sunscreen in the days before your session

Reduce your chances of burning at the beach or pool by seeking shade and reapplying sunblock liberally in all exposed areas to avoid unsightly tan lines, painful sunburn redness, hat lines, or "raccoon eye" marks from sunglasses. 


-Please no external cameras during your session

External cameras are not allowed during your photography session. This includes cell phone cameras. Given your limited time with the photographer on the beach, we need the full, undivided attention of the subjects who are being photographed. External photography distracts subjects and detracts from your photography service and experience. We politely ask that your professional photographer is the only one behind the lens while on your session.

-Slather on moisturizers/lotion

The fine white sand can be particularly troublesome to brush off if your skin is tacky with baby oil or lotion. Keep your skin moisturized leading up to the day of your session, but please inform all members of your party to refrain from moisturizing before your session.

-Chew gum

Please discard your chewing gum before meeting your photographer. No one wants to see colored chewing gum in smiles!

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